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Portfolio Information

This portfolio highlights artifacts from my SCOM core and Public Relations Concentration course pieces that represent the strengths and opportunities I have gained while completing my B.S. in Communication Studies (Concentration in Public Relations) at James Madison University.

My completed course projects are listed below

My Work: Text

SCOM Core Classes

  • SCOM 241: Communication Theory Lab 

  • SCOM 242: Presentational Speaking

  • SCOM 280: Introduction to Communication Research

  • SCOM 341: Persuasion

My Work: Text

Communication Skills Courses

  • SCOM 261: Public Relations Techniques I: Written 

  • SCOM 342: Argument and Advocacy

  • SCOM 362: Public Relations Techniques II: Visual 

My Work: Text

Communication Research Courses

  • SCOM 280: Introduction to Communication Research

  • SCOM 381: Rhetorical Research Methods

  • SCOM 383: Qualitative Experimental Research Methods 

My Work: Text

Communication Theory and Context Courses

  • KIN 243: Sports Communication Broadcasting

  • SCOM 260: Introduction to Public Relations 

  • SCOM 318: Sports Communication Practicum 

  • SCOM 347: Communication, Diversity, and Pop Culture 

  • SCOM 350: Organizational Communication 

  • SCOM 362: Public Relations Theory and Concepts 

  • SCOM 365: Sports Public Relations 

  • SCOM 461: Public Relations Campaigns 

  • SCOM 464: Communication, Culture, and Sports 

My Work: Text
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My Projects

My Work: Projects

Artifact Analysis

SCOM 241: Communication Theory Lab

Course Description: This lab is designed to complement and supplement the SCOM 240 lecture course. Students will discuss, write and/or give presentations related to the content covered in SCOM 240. The SCOM 241 lab and SCOM 240 lecture portions must be taken concurrently.

We had to write a 950 to 1000-word paper using two different theories to offer understandings or explanations of how specific audiences derive meaning from a textual artifact for this prerequisite. We were required to choose any public message that could be read or interpreted as having meaning. Following the selection of an artifact, we selected two theories from class that are appropriate for interpreting the artifact. Finally, we applied these theories to the artifact, demonstrating how the artifact contributes to meaning

Chi Alpha News Feature

SCOM 261: Public Relations Techniques I: Written

Course Description: Study of writing fundamentals for public relations. Emphasis on practice of effective writing for a variety of media (press releases, public service announcements, brochures, newsletters).

I created a news feature about the Christian Fellowship Chi Alpha Campus Ministries at James Madison University. This project consists of 5 pages of articles about Chi Alpha at JMU. 

Final Research Paper Proposal

SCOM 280: Introduction to Communication Research

Course Introduction: An introduction to the principles, methods, and analysis techniques used in communication. Emphasis on a broad-based understanding of the breadth of research in the field. Includes qualitative and quantitative research methods, methods of literature review, and research article critiques. 

We had to write a final research proposal on a topic of our choice for this class. This proposal includes a cover page, an introduction to the project, a literature review, a discussion of research methods, and an annotated bibliography.

Research Paper

SCOM 347: Communication, Diversity, and Pop Culture

Course Description: Study of the rhetorical dimension of communication practices and texts found in popular culture. Emphasis on issues of diversity as they are manifested in the communication practices found in popular culture. Emphasis on strategic communication choices in a diverse, multicultural world. Emphasis on critical thinking, self-reflexivity and communication analysis.

For this project, I wrote a 1,775 word paper on the different culture perspectives on fashion designer, Christian Dior. 

Fantasy Football News Release

SCOM 365: Sports Public Relations

Course Description:This class is designed to provide students with opportunities to explore the profession of sports public relations. In this class, students will discuss various sports communication issues including media relations, community relations, player relations, fan relations, crisis communication, sports social responsibility and more.

In SCOM 365, I had the opportunity to work on a public relations campaign for fantasy football team with my classmates. This is an news release for a football game won by our team. 

Final Rhetorical Criticism Research Paper

SCOM 381: Rhetorical Research Methods

Course Description: The study of rhetorical and critical research methods in various communication contexts. Emphasis is on developing and applying appropriate standards to consider communicative factors such as audience, tone, and rhetorical strategies. Consideration of criticism of public address, mass media, and other forms of persuasive communication. Students will be expected to conduct an original research project and present findings in a paper and/or oral presentation

This research paper I wrote on the rhetorical criticism of the media presence in the lives of the Royal Family such as Diana Spencer, Kate Middleton, and Meghan Markle. 


SCOM 464: Communication, Culture, and Sports

 Course Description: This course examines the interrelationship between communication, culture and sports in today’s society and how that interrelationship reinforces social values and norms, and the impact of cultural identification of class, race, and gender in connecting sports values with cultural values. Drawing on theories of rhetoric and social criticism, students will study several critical approaches to sports and public discourse and will apply those approaches to sports coverage and organizations

This podcast about toxic masculinity in sports was completed by me and my classmate. 

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